New Kamiq and Scala

25. ledna 2021

The new ŠKODA KAMIQ and ŠKODA SCALA arrive in the kingdom

The new ŠKODA KAMIQ and ŠKODA SCALA arrive in the kingdom

› The new ŠKODA KAMIQ city SUV – the ideal companion for the modern-day urban jungle

› ŠKODA SCALA sets new benchmarks in the compact car segment

Behbehani Brothers announces the addition of two new models to its ŠKODA model range available in the kingdom, the ŠKODA KAMIQ and ŠKODA SCALA. With the arrival of these models, ŠKODA Bahrain now has a wide range of ŠKODA models to offer its fans and cater to every customer needs.

The ŠKODA KAMIQ rounds off the brand’s SUV family at the entry level, blending the typical advantages of the SUV segment such as increased ground clearance and a raised seat position with the agility of a compact car and ŠKODA’s characteristic emotive design. With state-of-the-art assistance and infotainment systems, a generous amount of space and numerous Simply Clever features, the new KAMIQ equally fulfils the needs of both family- and lifestyle-oriented customers in true ŠKODA style.

The new KAMIQ continues the successful SUV design language of the KODIAQ SUV, whilst the split headlights, which feature daytime running lights above the main headlights, create new, distinctive visual highlights. At 4,241 mm long, the ŠKODA KAMIQ is considerably more compact than its bigger SUV sibling. Combined with its raised seat position, this means it is perfectly equipped for the modern-day urban jungle. In typical ŠKODA style, the KAMIQ also sets benchmarks in the city SUV segment in terms of space.

ŠKODA has completely redefined its compact car segment with the ŠKODA SCALA. By incorporating new technology, an emotive design, a high degree of functionality and state-of-the-art connectivity, the new SCALA is setting new benchmarks in the compact segment. The ŠKODA SCALA is equipped with a high level of active and passive safety, as well as full LED headlights and tail lights. Added to this is plenty of space for luggage and passengers as well as a wealth of Simply Clever features – making it a true ŠKODA.

Felix Miranda, General Manager, ŠKODA Bahrain said “I am confident the new KAMIQ will make a strong debut in the dynamic, growing city SUV segment – with its emotive design, state-of-the-art assistance systems and generous amount of space, it has everything it needs to win over a great number of new customers.”

“The new ŠKODA SCALA is an all new car that is setting the standards in the compact segment in terms of technology, safety and design. The SCALA perfectly embodies ŠKODA’s typical ‘smart understatement’. And we are confident the SCALA will be widely welcomed in the kingdom.” Felix added.

The new ŠKODA KAMIQ and ŠKODA SCALA are available now at the ŠKODA showroom, Sitra.